Jamie Wittenberg

Hey, I'm Jamie! I'm a product manager.


I used to be a high school math teacher; I made the transition to tech working with The Flatiron School, Wyncode Academy, and Codecademy. Now I'm at Major League Hacking, perfecting the learning experience for our community.

areas of focus

The Emergent Developer

The focus of my career over the last several years has endowed me with a particular expertise in the emergent developer. Technical skills are only one part of the equation; problem-solving, interviewing skills, networking, and personal branding are critical to matching early-career engineers with the right job.

Diversity and Inclusion

D&I isn't just about getting more women or more people of color or more neurodiverse or more non-traditional engineers at the stand-up; it's about making them comfortable, valued, and included — from day one.

Technical Education Pedagogy

In teaching and learning, there's the what and there's the how. I spend a lot of time exploring the ways in which the what informs the how and bringing that intersection to life for anyone who wants to learn new technical skills.